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Château La Carrière is proud to offer two private chef options: Ludovic Nicod and Dao Phuong Nga, both of whom live locally. Ludovic is a celebrated, well-travelled chef who cooks a range of cuisines from traditional French to contemporary vegan. Nga cooks traditional Vietnamese dishes. Please find their descriptions and menus below. 

Ludovic Nicod

Ludovic says: 'It has been almost 20 years since my passion for cooking has taken me around France and beyond (including Corsica, Ireland, England). My journey has allowed me to taste and learn a wide variety of cuisines. In Corsica, for instance, I had the opportunity of working in a bio-vegetarian restaurant. My experiences there are still reflected in my interest in cooking vegetarian and vegan. 


In August 2018, I arrived in the Périgord Noir as a chef at L’Auberge de Meyrals, which obtained the prestigious status of "Maître Restaurateur”. I have recently started working as a private chef at home. I only work with fresh and high-quality products, preferably organic and locally produced.


My cooking ranges from traditional dishes from the Dordogne region, including honey thyme-lemon duck breast, to more contemporary ones, such as roast quail stuffed with prunes. I cook vegetarian and vegan dishes, such as vegetable korma, as well as gluten-free and lactose free. And, of course, I make delicious deserts, including my famous ‘Plaisir chocolat de Ludo’. 


You can either choose from the menu below or we can create a menu personalised to your taste and budget. I look forward to cooking for you!”


Please make sure to book Ludovic well in advance, as he is highly sought after. 

Ludovic's Menu


Goat’s cheese aumônière (local & organic) with honey, served with small salad (local & regional)

Buddha bowl: assortment of seasonal crudités (vegetarian/vegan)

Salmon tartare with green anise and marinated fennel chiffonade

Semi-cooked foie gras with mango chutney and cereal bread toast (local & regional)

Pan-fried scallops with Noilly Prat (French vermouth) and butternut squash purée


Main Courses

Duck breast with lemon-thyme-honey sauce (local & regional)

Korma of seasonal vegetables, served with red lentil dahl (vegetarian & vegan)

Risotto according to the chef's inspiration, served with seasonal vegetables

Grilled tuna steak with sauce vierge

Roast quail stuffed with prunes

Beef filet surf & turf with grilled tiger prawn and prawn tarragon butter


Side Orders

Pan-fried seasonal vegetables

Potatoes ‘boulangère’

Quinoa gratin with seasonal vegetables

Roasted sweet potato with fine herbs

Vegetable ratatouille



Strawberry tiramisu

‘Plaisir chocolat de Ludo’

Coconut verrine with chia seeds and fruit coulis

Lemon-meringue tart

Crème brûlée with Périgord walnuts (local & regional)

Note that your group can pick a maximum of two different starters, two different main courses and two different desserts. 

Dao Phuong Nga

Nga says about herself: “I was born and raised in Hanoi, Vietnam, and studied at the University in Moscow for six years. I developed a love for travelling and my passion was fulfilled when I returned to Vietnam to join the Singapore Airlines Ticket Office. I often travelled to Singapore and visited many other countries. My interest in cooking came after I got married and moved to France in 2009.


Like many Vietnamese, I have a strong interest in our traditional kitchen. Since my childhood, food always played an important role in my life. My mother was a good cook and prepared different savoury dishes for me and my siblings every day. Restaurants are everywhere in Vietnam and you can find good-quality food on every corner. I love the Vietnamese kitchen as ingredients are fresh, there are plenty of flavours, and meals are light but nutritious. 

Having moved to France, I realised that authentic Vietnamese food was hard to find and that the best solution for me was to become a cook myself. I was amazed how much pleasure I took in being in the kitchen everyday, mixing ingredients, trying new flavours, and creating different dishes. After working for a year in a travel agency in Marseille, I decided to follow my vocation as a professional cook. Nearly ten years later, I am proud to have introduced the Vietnamese kitchen to many people in the Dordogne.” 

Nga's Menu

Menu 1: 


Pork spring rolls (4 pcs/person) & salad of vegetables and dry beef

Main course 

Pho (Vietnamese soup with chicken or beef)



Sweet Vietnamese pudding with mung beans (or black beans), lotus seeds and coconut milk.



Menu 2:



Chicken soup with corn and dry mushroom


Main course

Bun cha (Vietnamese noodle with grilled pork) with pork spring rolls (3 pcs/person)


Bun bo Nam bo (Southern Vietnamese-style noodle with fried beef) with pork spring rolls (3 pcs/person)



Sweet Vietnamese pudding with mung beans (or black beans), lotus seeds and coconut milk.


Please note that you can choose either menu 1 or 2 for the whole group. For the main dish of menu 1, you can choose either chicken or beef soup for the whole group, whereas for the main dish of menu 2, you can choose pork or beef individually. 

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