The Lake

In the back of the garden of Château la Carrière, you will find an impressive Japanese-style lake. It is surrounded by a wealth of trees, shrubs and plants, and is home to many fish, including a number of large carps. A pebbled path allows you to walk around the lake and take in its beauty. A boat can be used to enjoy the lake from the water. To guarantee the safety of your children, the lake is only accessible via gates in a rustic fence. Fishing in the lake is allowed and two rods are available for you to use.  

There are four small islands in the lake. On the largest, which is accessible by an eye-catching wooden bridge, you will find the charming Lake House. This is an octagonal cabin with large windows, each of which can be opened individually. The Lake House has a small outside kitchen, and there are seating areas both in- and outside.