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The pool of Château La Carrière, which measures 12m x 6m (40 x 20 ft) and is 2.1m (6' 10") deep at the deepest point, is situated in the middle of the main lawn. From there, you have stunning views over the valley and you can enjoy enchanting sunsets. The pool is surrounded by an array of colourful flowers, plants and shrubs, which together form a unique, delightful setting. The pool has plenty of wooden sun loungers, as well as matching tables, chairs and footrests. To guarantee the safety of your children, the pool has two alarms and is surrounded in its entirety by a rustic fence. There is also a shower and guests can receive WiFi at their convenience.

Next to the pool there is a stylish gazebo, which can bring shelter from the sun when needed. Behind the gazebo you will find the Pool House, an octagonal cabin with large windows, each of which can be opened individually. The Pool House has a shower, toilet, kitchen as well as in- and outside seating areas. Guests can use the fridge and cooking equipment, including a gas hob, microwave and BBQ, at their convenience.

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