The Dordogne is known for its stunning caves. Some of them are awe-inspiring because of their size or the shape of their rock formations, others because they are decorated with stunning drawings made by prehistoric peoples who had settled in the area from the last Ice Age. As they evolved and felt a need to express their life through art, they took up the brush and painted the animals they hunted on the walls of their caves. This unique tradition lasted thousands of years, reaching its climax about 17,000 years ago. Some of the caves in the Dordogne range among the finest examples of cave painting in the world. Below you will find six of the most stunning caves in the vicinity of Château La Carrière.


Arguably the most famous caves in France, Lascaux is decorated with more than 600 wall paintings...  



The walls of Grotte du Sorcier are decorated with engravings of animals and one of the so-called 'sorcerer'...


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A ten-minute drive from Château La Carrière, stunning Font-de-Gaume allows only 60 visitors per day...



The Grotte Bara-Bahau is one of the oldest and largest in the area and is adorned with numerous engravings...



Visiting Le Gouffre de Proumeyssac is an amazing experience, certainly if you descend in the 'basket'... 



With more than 800 engravings, the Grotte des Combarelles is a major sanctuary...