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Château La Carrière is located in the Dordogne, one of the most celebrated and beautiful areas in France. It owes its fame not only to its lush green landscape, but also to the way humans have interacted with their environment. Discover how they painted the walls of caves 17,000 years ago, how they built castles on top of a rock during the fourteenth century, and how they have planted stunning gardens in more recent times. Find below some of the highlights of the Dordogne, all of which are in close proximity of Château La Carrière. 

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The Dordogne is known for its large number of caves, many of which were decorated with paintings or engravings...


Medieval Towns

A vacation in the Dordogne is not complete without a visit to one of its medieval towns or villages...



The Dordogne has many marvellous formal gardens, most of which are part of a château or manoir...


Boat trips

A great way to discover the Périgord Noir is on a gabarre, a traditional barge sailing on the river Dordogne... 



It is said that there are 1,001 castles in the Dordogne. They do, however, strongly vary in size, age and character...

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