Château La Carrière is set on a 28-hectare (66 acre) estate, which includes a huge garden, fields and large forest areas. Situated on a sloping hill and overlooking a valley, the garden consists of a major lawn with various tall and mature pine and deciduous trees. These include sycamore, copper beech, chestnut, hazelnut, weeping willow, sweetgum, acacia and various fruit trees. These trees complement the impressive row of platanes adorning the driveway down to the Château.  

On the west side of the estate, a path descends into the woods to the bottom of the valley. It meanders through various fields and forest areas belonging to Château La Carrière and connects to several other distant trails. The pathways, which can be used for hiking as well as mountain biking, offer a fantastic way to discover the unspoilt beauty of the estate as well as neighbouring areas.