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Food Markets

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The food markets are an important part of life in the Périgord Noir and are a must for food lovers. You will find a lively and cheerful atmosphere, colourful stalls, tasteful smells and chatty vendors. Among the foods that are on sale are local favourites, such as truffles, nuts, foie gras, cèpe mushrooms, magret de canard (duck breast) and, of course, a wide range of locally grown vegetables. Most of the markets are held one morning (or day) a week all year around. Below you will find three of our favourites.  



Held on the main street, Saint-Cyprien's food market takes place every Sunday morning from 8am until 1pm...  


Le Bugue

Le Bugue's main market is held on the Town Hall square every Saturday morning from 8am until 1pm... 



Sarlat has different markets, which take place, among others, on Wednesday and Saturday...

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